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Nonprofit Marketing Tips for 2017

Nonprofits have several challenges in attracting individuals for their causes and converting those individuals into donors. To successfully promote and supply aid to those causes, nonprofits’ marketing efforts need consistent branding, effective use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and efficient use of marketing budgets to grow donations.  Based upon the economic climate and the job

February 27, 2017 by Daniel Laws

Bank Marketing: Creating Your Bank’s Brand

If you are not careful, a bank can easily become a faceless organization—making one virtually indistinguishable from another financial institution. That is why even though a bank is offering a service which is considered a NEED, not a want, a branding message is vital. Banks have print, digital, and branches that need a consistent message

December 27, 2016 by Daniel Laws

Financial Marketing Tips: Combining Print and Digital Advertising

Today, marketing comes in more forms than ever before. Digital advertising is expanding, but that does not mean that traditional advertising methods are dead. When marketing for a bank, you want to reach today’s savvy customers across multiple platforms. Discover how to connect each of your financial marketing efforts and accurately measure its performance across

December 19, 2016 by Daniel Laws

Get Your Share of $400 Billion in Ecommerce Sales with A Product Data Feed

Ecommerce sales are expected to grow to more than $400 billion in the next several years, with Forrester Research estimating $414.0 billion in sales in 2018 and eMarketer estimating $491.5 billion in 2018. Retail and Ecommerce businesses continue to look for opportunities to grow and increase online sales, as well as in the store visitors.

November 21, 2016 by Daniel Laws

Combining SEO & PPC to Impact Business

SEO + PPC = $$$ Hi. I’m Danny Laws, principal owner of DaBrian Marketing Group. DaBrian Marketing Group is a digital marketing agency. We focus on everything from web design, to social media, Pay per Click, inbound marketing, SEO as well as google analytics, and we are Google AdWords partners. Today I want to talk

October 18, 2016 by Daniel Laws
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