Measure & Optimize to Drive Results with Digital Analytics

Measurement of Your Sales & Marketing Performance

Google Analytics records your site’s data – from bounce rate to sessions. But what does it all mean? We turn that raw data into an easy-to-read report, making you a more informed business owner. Advertisements can be optimized and targeted to reach the greatest number of relevant people. Business decisions are made efficient and goal-oriented. We deliver all of this – and more – because we have the tools and expertise to give context to your company’s data.

Measure Traffic, Conversion Rates, and ROAS

A great customer experience starts with a measurement plan, sets the standard for actionable results, and opens the door to insights! How are your conversion rates? How does your return on advertising spend stack up against your industry?

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is the average landing page conversion rate across industries.

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of all the websites use Google Analytics for traffic analysis.

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the average ROAS across most industries.

Data Driven Decisions with Reporting and Analysis

Measure your data and drive your company’s goals. To make important decisions about your digital marketing, you need information about your campaigns’ performances over time and their success in leading to purchases from your business. We utilize web analytics, and other tools use web analytics from official Google Partners to measure every aspect of your digital marketing: number of visitors per page, average time on each page, number of visitors that clicked on the page, and number of profitable interactions with your website’s links.

Measuring what you’re doing is imperative for your company’s direction and knowing what your goals should be. Using analytics will help shape your marketing strategies that then drive your business decisions while maintaining a low-no monthly cost.

A Measurement Plan That’s Specific to Your Business

A solid foundation when it comes to an understanding of your data is imperative to reaching your business goals. In a world where digital marketing channels rule, it pays to know which parts of your information will be most profitable for your business to benefit from. A comprehensive analytics strategy is critical to accomplish this without sacrificing your time and effort. Before you do anything else, it’s always best to do your research, gather information, gather your resources, and determine how you’ll measure progress in a meaningful way.

Understand Your Data to Improve Profitability

For your business’ website and digital marketing, not all data is necessary to understand your progress in accomplishing your goals of increased leads, sales, and profitability. Report only the information that is relevant to your business and your specific digital marketing strategy. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with information in Google Analytics, but don’t let that scare you! Simplify complex tables and spreadsheets with our Google Analytics-certified team that produces easy-to-understand reports for your business. Make sure that you comprehend the information that is most important to you – we make it happen with regular reporting and personal support.

Which Digital Analytics Solution Is Right for You?

Digital Analytics Strategy

Aligning your digital marketing with business objectives to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Analytics Implementation

Start getting value from the data with tag management and ecommerce tracking to improve ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Turning your insights into actions and create a plan that delivers better results. Image: chart-line.

Reporting & Analysis

Get the reporting and analysis of your business needs to make proven data driven decisions.

Data Driven Decisions with Reporting and Analysis

With your extensive campaign reports in hand, you’re one step away from more profitable digital marketing. The final hurdle standing in your way is the meaning of the data you’ve gathered. The process of not only understanding and evaluating your data is important, but also applying your business goals to the information you collect over time is the key to making better business decisions going forward. Detailed data analysis, various marketing channels, and tactics can all be tied together which leads to the elusive, budget-saving insights so many marketers seek.

Google Analytics Graph

Google Analytics Column Hack-Pivot Tables

One of our clients requested a method to export more data from the Google Analytics pivot tables. The purpose of the export was to tie together Google Analytics with specific URL variables; however, Google Analytics displays a limited number of items on the pivot table. We did some research and we came across this Google Analytics Hack.

Ready to turn your data into revenue generating actions?

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