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A shopper comes into your retail store, browses, and decides to make a purchase.

This decision to buy your product was probably made online – not at your physical location. If your retail business doesn’t have online shopping (Ecommerce), you just missed an opportunity.

BigCommerce reports that 51% of Americans prefer to shop online.

Knowing this, it is imperative that your retail business has an effective ecommerce website combined with strategic digital marketing tactics.



Better Sales and Profit Margins in Retail Starts With These Digital Marketing Tactics:


ecommerce web design services in Reading, Pa

Design A Website That’s A Virtual Storefront

  • An easy-to-use Ecommerce website that makes shoppers want to buy from you.
  • The best platform to shorten your sales-cycle and increase efficiency.
  • Constant performance-tracking to ensure precision and accuracy.
  • Security that protects your products and information.

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Get People to Your Store’s Location With SEO

  • A strategic plan to achieve your retail business’ unique marketing goals.
  • Increased brand awareness that makes you accessible and easy to find.
  • Local Listings Management that gets nearby shoppers in your doors.
  • Relevant content that answers shoppers’ questions when they need help.

Pay per click advertising (PPC)

Accelerate Sales Growth with Engaging Product Listing Ads

  • Targeting to get your products seen by the right shoppers.
  • Visuals that put your entire inventory on display.
  • Mobile content that captures on-the-go shoppers.
  • Real measurement that minimizes wasted spend.
  • Recapture Sales lost in Abandoned Shopping Carts.

social media marketing services in Reading, Pa

Create Profitable Relationships Through Social Media Marketing

  • Utilize the most popular social media platforms to connect with your current and new audience.
  • Helpful customer service to solve any issues, gain credibility, and foster trust.
  • Enticing campaigns that engage customers and lead them to your online store.
  • Interactive promotions that increase brand awareness and purchases.



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Get the 5 most important steps to building your Ecommerce website from our very own SEO Consultant, Gabriel Reber.



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