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Are you investing enough resources into your current digital marketing strategy?
No matter the size of your medical practice, the implementation of an effective digital marketing campaign is imperative to your company’s growth. To grow, you need a website that shows up online while attracting visitors to increase your patient base. This means using an effective digital marketing strategy that conveys who you are as a company.

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For over 40 years, Grove Dental Group (formerly Wyomissing Dental Associates) has been providing comprehensive dental care in a relaxing, family-oriented environment. We’re known in the Wyomissing community for treating patients, not only with the highest quality of care but with the honesty and respect they deserve. It is always our goal to create harmony between function, health, and beauty. DaBrian Marketing Group has been a part of their growth for over 3 years.

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of patients use online reviews to evaluate doctors.

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more qualified leads when you incorporate video whenever possible.

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of consumers are more likely to contact local businesses with mobile-friendly sites.

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As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly competitive, it’s important for your practice to stand out. Are you wondering how to attract more new patients and provide them with lasting value? Look no further! We specialize in partnering with health and wellness companies to address your digital marketing challenges and bring in a steady stream of new patients. Our team will analyze which digital channels are most effective in driving patient traffic and help you forge long-lasting relationships.

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Why Should Your Medical Practice Utilize Social Media to Attract More Patients?

Expand your patient base and reach a larger audience with the power of social media. With billions of active users worldwide, social media platforms offer numerous benefits for medical practices. By utilizing social media, you can attract more patients, provide educational resources, and much more. Have no doubt, we prioritize professionalism, patient confidentiality, and compliance with medical ethics and regulations while leveraging the capabilities of social media.

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