Stacey Shannon

Kiersten Ingram - Marketing Assistant

Stacey Shannon

Office Assistant

Stacey is thrilled to be the newest addition to the kick-ass DaBrian Marketing Group team! While working as the DMG office assistant, she is continually amazed at the digital magic this team performs for our clients. She has high performance standards and can spot a typo a mile away. She can’t help it! Her busy brain is intrigued with the applications and algorithms used here as we help our clients solve problems and meet goals. She never dreads Mondays, and is thankful to love a job that helps her take good care of her family while working toward a worry-free retirement.

As a former small-business owner, she is passionate about supporting others in the pursuit of their dreams. Providing stellar support to the DMG team and top drawer care to our client base is a natural high and that is a main reason why she does what she does. She will always be happy to hear from you and enjoys the opportunity to troubleshoot and problem solve when you call with challenges.

Prior to joining us at DaBrian, she was the manager of member services at Reading-Berks Association of REALTORSⓇ, where she provided the same level of care to and engagement with that membership that she brings to DMG. While she always enjoyed hearing from the local Berks REALTORⓇ community, her favorite part of that job was the writing she did in order to provide content for their website. Researching and writing about cool places and fun things to do in Berks County helped familiarize her with her new community and she looks forward to expanding that knowledge through meeting and caring for our clients here. Additionally, her freelance work has appeared on various websites including Real Simple, That’s Normal and The ManifestStation.

While writing may have been a first love, she now lives in a newly purchased home in Kenhorst, PA with her husband and two teenagers where she has discovered that yes, raising teenagers is as much fun as everyone said it would be. When not doing laundry, she enjoys good books, fine wine, bourbon and weird stuff on Netflix. She will never turn down free coffee and is still butt-hurt about the Game of Thrones finale. (King Brann, seriously???)