Web Analytics Services

Measurement of Your Website’s Performance Through Real Data

To make important decisions about your digital marketing, you need information about your campaigns’ performances over time as well as their success in leading to purchases from your business. Use web analytics from official Google Partners to measure every aspect of your digital marketing: number of visitors per page, average time on each page, amount of visitors that clicked on the page, as well as the amount of profitable interactions with your website’s links.

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    Digital Analytics Strategy & Consulting
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    Web Analytics Implementation
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    Web Analytics Reporting

Numbers That Are Actually Important to Your Business

  • Strategy and Data-Measurement Plan: Determination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used as dependent variables to continually measure your marketing’s progress.
  • Google Analytics Consulting: Collection of quantitative, valid data from your website with technical support to understand your performance and create better digital marketing in the future.
  • Reporting: Visualization of significant data that displays your digital marketing’s performance with recommendations – based upon your marketing strategy – to reduce cost and increase profitability.
  • A/B Testing: The testing of your advertisements’ and website’s content to discover the most effective techniques of your campaigns.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Review and improvement your users’ experiences by examining the exact web pages on which customers spent the most and least amount of time.

Demand Performance with Web Analytics

Today’s digital marketing landscape demands a data-driven approach. Without a firm grasp on data, you’ll be completely left in the dark. We have several web analytics professionals on staff to help you to make sense of your data. Not using Google Analytics? We work with Adobe Analytics, WebTrends, and other platforms to measure user behaviors, create scorecards, and provide recommendations to enhance marketing or sales campaigns.

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    A/B Testing & Predictive Analytics
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    Conversion Rate Optimization
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    Google Analytics Services

Have a new project, campaign, tagging problem or need support for analytics for mobile apps? We can take care of your needs on an on-going basis or a short-term project.

Understand and utilize your business’ digital marketing data for improved profitability!