SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting Attracts Attention and Generates Leads

Search engine optimization copywriting and creative content are what search engines and users live for. DMG draws interested prospects to your website and then converts those prospects into viable sales leads through SEO copywriting. Creating strong content is a crucial component of meeting the goals set out in your marketing strategy.

What Can Great Copy Do for Your Business?

DMG is fully focused on providing services that meet your needs and goals. With our SEO copywriting services, you can expect copy that is focused, optimized and understandable.

Here is how DMG will amplify your business with the right content.

  • Enhance Google and other Search Ranking: DMG is an SEO consultant that can uncover the parameters that will produce the best search engine rankings. This knowledge is incorporated into the copy we create, so your web pages show up in search engine results with a high ranking and strong teaser copy to arouse curiosity and motivate that first click-through
  • Attract Prospects With Good Content: Pay-per-click and banner ads draw in prospects, but another way to capture attention is through organic search. Sometimes prospects search using keyword phrases that relate to their needs. Non-paid search means that you site’s on-page content doesn’t focus solely on the sale. It is creative, engaging, fresh and able to speak directly to the target audience
  • Increase Links From Other Sites: Sharing links with appropriate partners gets your company mentioned in more places on the Internet. Our copy will attract the attention of other parties that can spread the word through social media and link-building. Informative website pages or blog posts that get shared multiply your page views immensely

How Do We Develop Your SEO Copy?

Great copy is focused on the reader. It provides information, educates, and motivates action. Readers must be able to quickly and easily find an answer to the big question:

What’s in it for ME?

  • Content Strategy: We develop an SEO content strategy that is based on meeting your marketing goals
  • Target Audience: We study your business to learn about the target audience that buys your product or service, and we develop content that speaks directly to them
  • Intent/Purpose of the Copy: What do you want this copy to do — sell, inform, educate or motivate? We use the answers to these questions to hone and refine your copy

Before applying pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), we spend time in the SEO planning process to develop a unique SEO strategy for your business.

Measurement and Copy Improvement

As an SEO agency, DMG monitors activity on your website to prove that the copy works and is aligned to your strategy. We determine whether the personas are reading and responding to our copy, and we make sure the copy fills a purpose for the reader. Our SEO services tweak, revise, review and update as needed to keep your site fresh, appealing and functional.

If your website isn’t clear, consistent or driving sales, DMG can help!
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