Pharmaceuticals and Analytics


DaBrian Marketing Group was approached by a large pharmaceutical company to monitor and provide quarterly web analytics reports and recommendations for 15 of their brand and awareness websites. They settled on using a self-hosted web analytics solution as they wanted to maintain ownership of all of their data. DaBrian Marketing Group was granted access to the hosted solution, and quarterly analytical reporting began. It was not long before preexisting issues relating to the pharmaceutical company’s web analytics implementation and strategies became evident.


After several quarterly web analytics reports, inconsistencies were discovered with various metrics. There were two separate instances in which the same metric for the same date range appeared as a different value. Additionally, some metrics displayed one value in one report within the solution, while appearing as something different in another report. These inconsistencies immediately indicated data quality issues. The poor data quality that the pharmaceutical company’s web analytics suffered from was also rendering analytical reports inaccurate and essentially ineffective. DaBrian Marketing Group paused the reporting process and began focusing on identifying a solution to these underlying quality issues.


A lack of strong policies and procedures surrounding web analytics and the server on which the solution resided were determined to be the main causes of the data quality problems. The web analytics solution was severely outdated and under-supported from an internal perspective. The solution was several versions behind in security patches and software updates. It also did not allow tracking of other internet marketing initiatives such as paid advertising on Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter. The lack of visibility into additional marketing initiatives, combined with the lack of internal support, made the pay-per-pageview web analytics solution cost-ineffective.


DaBrian Marketing Group provided the pharmaceutical company with recommendations to review their current priorities with web analytics as well as to develop stronger policies and procedures for maintaining the server on which the solution resided. It was also strongly recommended that they pursue a newer alternative, more cost-effective web analytics platform that would require fewer resources to implement and maintain as well as allow for simultaneous monitoring of multiple marketing channels.