Financial Services and PPC


A local financial services institution was managing Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns, which were returning very few clicks and not helping to increase Awareness and Reach. This local financial services institution came to DaBrian Marketing Group looking to increase their business’s awareness, reach and visibility, specifically for their various loans and line of credit services.


Upon reviewing their PPC Campaigns, the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultants quickly discovered that a high number of impressions were generating only a few clicks, resulting in a very low click through rate (CTR.) The root cause of the problem was that their PPC Campaigns were only using broad and general keywords. In addition, the financial institution was being charged an above-industry average Cost per Click (CPC) due to low Quality Ratings.


To resolve these issues, the team of SEM Consultants at DaBrian Marketing Group (DMG) implemented a more targeted strategy, which included moving a portion of the PPC Campaigns to different platforms (i.e. AdWords, adCenter, Facebook, etc.) as well as implanting more specific keywords. Although this decreased the number of times their ads were seen, the number of clicks/leads generated from these changes greatly increased, as visible in the Results section.


The graphs below reveal the number of clicks/leads generated from one of the financial institution’s PPC Campaigns from the time span of Oct. 27 – Nov. 14 of 2010 and then again in 2011.

Notice that the image above reveals that this PPC Campaign was only receiving at most two (2) clicks per day and zero (0) clicks/leads most days.

After making the appropriate changes, the financial institution’s PPC Campaign was averaging above ten (10) clicks/leads per day. As for cost, average CPC only increased by pennies, specifically $0.05.
To conclude, by making simple adjustments to the financial institution’s PPC Campaigns, the SEM Consultants at DMG were able to greatly increase the amount of daily clicks/leads with almost no change in cost per click/lead.