Financial Services and Analytics


DaBrian Marketing Group (DMG) was approached by a financial services institution located in the Tri-State area that wanted to improve and monitor their media placements as well as other marketing tactics to increase the number of relevant visitors finding their products and services. This would ultimately increase the amount of loan and new account applications as well as reduce their cost per lead.


DMG immediately identified the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the financial service’s website. Before any optimization of the site could occur, analytical insights into the site’s current performance were required. To gain a better understanding of the website’s performance, DaBrian Marketing Group integrated it with Google Analytics. Comprehensive monthly analytical reports sent to the financial services institution revealed an abnormally high bounce rate (the percentage of single-page visits) of 90% for the site.

Upon further analysis, it was determined that these visitors were not abandoning the site right away, but proceeding to a secure portion of the site which cannot be tracked due to the financial services institution policies. In order to correct this skewed bounce rate, DMG implemented a tracking method on the online customer account links featured on the tracked portion of the website. This alleviated the high bounce rate and provided a clear picture of how visitors interacted with the financial service’s website.

After adequate historical data was collected, DMG did extensive research on the latest Google search engine ranking calculation (referred to as an algorithm). Pairing this data with a comprehensive predictive model, DMG was able to provide a look at the financial services institution’s visitors following the Google Panda update on September 28, 2011.
Non-paid visitor activity saw a noticeable drop as of the Google search algorithm update. This negative dip was predicted to worsen for the rest of 2011. This created a sense of urgency to identify a solution and methodology that was consistent with industry best practices to improve the organic search visitors trending and lead generation metrics.


In order to improve the organic search traffic and lead generation, DMG continued to provide comprehensive web analytics reports every month with actionable recommendations on optimizing the site’s content. DMG also worked with the financial service’s marketing, communications, and IT departments to create a more streamlined process to generate, approve and implement search engine optimization as part of the overall marketing strategy.


Through the monthly web analytics reports and recommendations, DaBrian Marketing Group was able to convey the sense of urgency to implement a proper SEO campaign on the financial service institution’s website. This started with first looking at the institution’s previous internal policies and procedures for updating content and streamlining it to create a quick and efficient process. DaBrian Marketing Group was also able to provide a clear picture of how visitors were using both the main website and the online customer accounts platform. In short, these all resulted in increased numbers of new account and loan applications.