Social Media Strategy & Consulting

Get a Larger and More Effective Social Network With a Social Media Strategy

At DaBrian Marketing a comprehensive strategy is a plan that describes your business’ current position as well as the steps that are necessary to move into your business’ desired position within the marketplace. Your social media strategy must align with your specific goals and customized metrics that track performance. Social media marketing is an interactive and profitable way in which to gain new customers as well as retain existing customers through actually creating a vision for your online presence.

What’s included in our Social Media Strategy?

  • Goal-Setting: The definition of your business’ primary goals – examples are attracting a new demographic of customers as well as improving your digital customer service.
  • Support for Platforms: Education from Hootsuite-certified folks on the professional standards and operations of social media as well as technical support to get your business active online.
  • Analytics: The definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are accurate and valid ways to measure your business’ progress through inferential and descriptive statistics.

Change the Way Your Business Thinks About Social

There’s a place for your business on social media. We’re talking one-on-one conversations with customers, addressing their concerns, and offering up something of value to the conversation. Social media is here to stay, so you might as well join in with an effective strategy!

Learn how social media can help your business!
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