Social Media Analytics & Reporting

Know Where You Need Improvement on Social Media

Running social media campaigns, issuing exclusive promotions, deals, and offers, as well as conducting immediate responses to reviews of your products or services is not enough to compose excellent social media marketing. Simply existing on social media platforms does not inform your actual performance on those platforms. In order to accurately measure your performance and understand how to improve your social media marketing, you must receive analytical reports.

What's included in our Social Media Reporting?

  • Measurement Plan: The setting of valid, reliable variables that will be measured to correctly understand your business’ performance.
  • Reporting: Consistent, detailed reports that offer both tables and graphs of information to compare current performance with past records.
  • Recommendations: Professional advice based upon the digital marketing industry’s standards for your business’ improvements – including tasks to start conducting and tasks to stop conducting.

Use the Right Data to Make the Right Improvements on Social Media

Whether it’s social media analytics or web analytics, you’ll need a plan to collect the information that matters. We’ll create the measurement plan to generate your social media reporting and to get you data that you can act on.

Measure which of your social media marketing tactics actually work!
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