SEO Audit

SEO Audits Revitalize Website Effectiveness

There is so much going on behind the scenes of your website and content marketing strategy that affects your Bing, Yahoo, and Google search ranking. Insufficient keywords, improper formatting, or missing page descriptions could mean that search engines aren’t seeing your website. The SEO audit is a key component of our search engine optimization services and will help to improve all of your business problems.

How Can an SEO Audit Help Your Business?

We use the website audit to implement SEO services that help your business compete more effectively online:

  • Improved Appearance and Website Flow: Your website should look good, be easy to maneuver, and create a strong impression with each visitor. We’ll use the audit results to fix areas that are not doing their job
  • Better Behind-the-Scenes Results: Many technical design functions can boost search engine results. DMG is an SEO company that pays attention to small details, such as meta tags and alt tags, to increase your site’s search rankings
  • Increased Link-Building Opportunities: When your site works well, others want to partner or link with you. You’ll draw new visitors to your pages with enhanced link-earning opportunities
  • Improved Online Presence: Once the website is in place, we integrate it with your social media outlets so that everything is consistent across your entire online presence

What Is Involved in Your SEO Audit?

A search engine optimization audit uncovers your website’s weaknesses in order to build a solid foundation for your online marketing programs. As your SEO consultant, DMG evaluates all aspects of website performance that could affect search engine results, including:

  • Website (On-Page) SEO: We determine whether the pages on your website conform to a strong SEO strategy. This includes checking titles, title lengths, URL structure, image labels, description tags, and much more
  • Text Formatting: The words may be right, but the format also has to be correct, including proper headings and sensible use of fonts
  • Unique Content: Content must be unique and optimized to catch the attention of search engines and improve organic search results
  • Search Ranking Status: DMG looks at the current search results for your website and sees what changes can be made to improve your ranking and drive more traffic
  • Keyword Development: We’ll uncover keywords that work hardest at driving traffic to your site, and determine whether there are any missing keywords or content that could improve performance
  • Competitive Analysis: We’ll compare your site against your competitors’ to see how it stacks up

A Strong Website Leads to Better Rankings and Traffic

DMG uses the results of your SEO audit as part of our SEO planning process to highlight problem areas within your existing website, develop an action plan for improvement, and keep your website current with the latest developments in search marketing.

Receive an SEO audit that can help improve your business.