Product Listing Ads Services

Promote Your Products & Increase Online Sales

Instead of purposely traveling to any particular brand’s Ecommerce site, the vast majority of consumers simply search shopping engines – like Amazon – via Google Shopping (merchant) or Bing Shopping and Product Ads to see a list of available products from a variety of brands. Your brand must have a distinct presence on these results pages through informative and appealing product ads. These ads display a photo of your product, the price, and the website on which consumers can purchase it.

Included in our PPC Shopping Service:

With dedicated and proactive PPC management, you can take comfort knowing that all aspects of your PPC are being monitored, maintained, and optimized.

  • Data Feed Management: Assurance that your product data feed is optimized for search engines (SEO-friendly) to maximize the efficacy of your product ads.
  • Properly Integrated POS System: Implementation of a Point Of Sale (POS) system that accurately records all of your inventory and revenue to advertise in-stock and popular products online.
  • Promotion of Your Popular Inventory: Advertising of the products that customers are most likely to purchase based upon overall trends in those items’ generation of revenue.

Ensure that your customers’ online shopping experience is enjoyable and informative in order for you to capture the most online sales as possible. Create clear ads and landing pages that are relevant to common needs and lead more consumers through your purchasing process.

Make your online shopping offers more accessible and beneficial to customers!