Video Marketing & Production

Videos That Entertain and Offer Helpful Information to Your Customers

Video ads create both visual and auditory content that people can watch rather than read. In spite of this benefit, video marketing requires a great deal of planning, writing, filming, editing, producing, and distributing. That is why DaBrian Marketing offers creative services for your brand’s video marketing needs. Tell your business’ story and send your message to consumers while also building familiarity on their behalf.

Video Ads to Get Customers’ Attention and Increase Awareness

  • Video Marketing Strategy: The development of a detailed, clear plan with specific concept, scripts, and schedules.  
  • Script Writing and Storyboard: The writing of a relevant, significant narrative that adheres to your brand image and offers your products or services to customers in a Call-to-Action.
  • Full-service Video Productions: Filming of any and all shots or scenes that you specifically request.
  • Customized Animation: The use of editing techniques and animations to relay your unique messages to viewing consumers while also entertaining them.
  • Reporting: Measurement of your video ads’ performances based upon valid data as well as our professional recommendations for improvements.

Target Potential Customers with Video

Whether you’re looking to entertain your target audience, get your name out there, or show that you’ve got the chops to get the job done, video is a great medium for carrying you brand’s message.

Create interactive, dynamic video marketing for your business!
Video Marketing and Production in Reading, Pa