DaBrian Marketing’s New Year’s Resolution For 2017

January 3rd, 2017 by DaBrian Marketing Group

With a new year comes new and exciting opportunities. At DaBrian Marketing, we’re committed to constantly improving our internal efficiencies, as well as your business’ digital marketing efforts. This year we asked members of our team (including the furry ones ?):

What’s your professional New Year’s resolution?



“Get my certification in Quickbooks. Help contribute to the efficiency overall at DaBrian Marketing Group.”





“Simplify and improve the efficiency of meetings to allocate more time to take actions!”




Search Engine Marketing Consultant - PPC Consultant - Reading, PA

Justin Miller



“Learn basic Java Script for PPC Automated Scripting and achieve Bing Partners status for DaBrian Marketing Group”




SEO Consultant in Reading, Pa

David McDowell



“Dominate the local market through various Local SEO methods, especially local link building/earning. Improve both our’s and our client’s video marketing efforts. Continue to obtain certifications and accomplishments related to SEO.”




Inbound marketing manager in Reading, Pa, DaBrian Marketing Group

Logan Bucks


“Earn three or more additional social media/inbound marketing certifications. Stay knowledgeable with the latest trends for social media, email, and video marketing. Find the best possible opportunities for each of our clients and DaBrian Marketing to get the most exposure on their social media platforms. I want to see our efforts go viral!”



Doug Crawford - DaBrian Marketing

Doug Crawford



“Explore new possible methods and strategies to help further improve our efficiencies as an agency, and the communication amongst clients.”




Web designer in Reading, PA - DaBrian Marketing

Nick Davies



“Continue to develop my skills in graphic design and web coding.”




Mark Mapp – Creative Lead - DaBrian Marketing Group

Mark Mapp



“Expand my education in HTML, HTML5, PHP, Javascript and responsive web design as a whole. Help our team become more efficient with client & internal processes. Also, being more involved in blogging and social media.”







“Finally catch my tail.”








“Be a better boy.”




digital marketing agency in Reading, Pa

DaBrian Marketing Group



“Expand the reach and visibility of the company & service offering while consistently differentiating us from the competition.”

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2017? Tell us in the comments below!

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