Benefits of Google for Non-Profits

June 3rd, 2015 by DaBrian Marketing Group

All non-profits have great causes and want to be able to spread their message about the great work they are doing all while acquiring new volunteers, donors, and donations. There is a simple solution to achieve all of this, which many non-profits know nothing about. That solution, which is cost-efficient (FREE) and can be very beneficial in assisting you achieve your goals is Google for Non-Profits.

google non-profits

Steps to apply for Google non-profits

There are a few simple steps to apply to become a part of Google for Non-Profits. First, you have to review the eligibility requirements and see if your non-profit is eligible for the program. If your organization is eligible, then you can apply for the program. Once you are approved, you can enroll in specific Google products like, Google Ad Grants, which Google will give you up to $10,000 monthly for in-kind AdWords advertising, and YouTube Non-Profit Program.

Gain New Donors and Volunteers

Becoming a part of Google for Non-Profits opens up many doors to new donors and volunteers. By utilizing Google products like Google Ad Grants, you can promote your organization by using AdWords advertising. By administering AdWords and choosing relevant keywords that are pertinent to your cause, it will attract potential donors and volunteers.

Work Efficiently Towards Your Goal

Every company has a specific budget and non-profits are the same, except most are working with a drastically smaller budget and may not have the same number of employees than a regular sized company has. With that in mind, taking advantage of everything that Google for Non-Profits offers, allows you to track online donations, track newsletter sign-ups, and handle volunteer registrations more efficiently, so in the end, you can see what is working and what is not working.

Drive Donations To Your Cause

With all of the new traffic your website is gaining from the effective use of AdWords, you will begin to drive more donations. Promoting your non-profit using all of the apps that Google for Non-Profits offers will gain recognition for your organization which in the end could drive more potential donations. For example, by using YouTube’s Non-Profit program, you can create a channel with effective videos that further narrates your cause. YouTube’s Non-Profit programs also allows you to enable a donation module which makes it easier and more practical for your donors to donate and creates another avenue where you can receive donations.

With all that Google for Non-Profits has to offer, it may seem a little overwhelming for your non-profit to handle. Working with a local digital marketing agency, like DaBrian Marketing Group, and entrusting their expertise and knowledge of everything that relates to Google, will ultimately help you achieve and exceed your goals.  In the end, utilizing Google for Non-Profits will be very beneficial and your organization will be able to spread your message more adequately, gain new donors and volunteers, and drive more donations to support your cause.

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