A/B Testing & Predictive Analytics

Testing to Determine Your Best-Performing Digital Marketing Content

A/B testing is the tactic of comparing two variations of advertisements’ content or landing page designs against each other. The goal is to determine the version that performs better as defined by the variables or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are set within Google Analytics. Examine your digital marketing content – whether it is web pages, advertisements, or emails – to make sure that you maximize your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Use predictive analysis to examine the patterns of performance within your digital marketing campaigns. Estimate future performance based upon those historical patterns to determine the content to which your customers respond the best.

Testing and Analysis That Improves Your Digital Marketing

  • Statistical Testing: Simultaneous comparison of campaigns’ performances with inferential statistics.
  • Analytical Forecasting Predictive Analysis: Attribution of purchase-based value throughout your digital marketing channels as an estimation of those channels’ future performance.
  • Regression-based Modelling: The use of your digital marketing campaigns’ data within statistical models that visualize and compare their current and future performance.

No matter how you spin it, A/B testing is one of the few guaranteed way to make your marketing data even more valuable. A/B testing will help make your good campaigns great.

See the results of statistical testing that actually improves your marketing!
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