5 Tips to Jump Start Your Mobile Analytics

Video Transcription Hi, my name’s Danny Laws. I’m the principal owner of DaBrian Marketing Group. I’m also one of the co-chairs with Philadelphia Digital Analytics Association. I want speak to you today about mobile analytics. One of the things that we’re talking about mobile analytics right now in the space is that mobile search is

A One-Two Punch Approach to Email Analytics

You might think that video, animated gifs, or infographics are email marketing’s best friends. Let’s face it, email campaigns with all that rich content are bound to get you heaps and heaps of…results. Okay, let’s stop there for a second. The thing is, email is caught between two really important areas of marketing—technology and audience.

The 5 Different Logo Types and Your Brand Identity

  Introduction In my last blog on the basics of designing a logo, we covered principles to follow when designing one of the most important identity pieces for your business. We learned that a successful logo design should be simple, yet versatile enough to be placed on a variety of different media. Visually, its design

It’s Called SOCIAL Media, People.

Since the days of yore (back when MySpace reigned supreme), social media has been used as one thing above all else: a really great time waster.  The reason social media exploded into being an integral part of our daily routines was because it entertained us. It allowed us to fill the gaps between our facetime

A Look into the Existence of an #AgencyLife Project Manager

I love the #AgencyLife hashtag on Twitter. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s mostly comprised of snarky witticisms and love (okay, and the occasional picture showing a coffee obsession bordering on unhealthy). What could be better, right? Thanks to my time here at DMG, I’ve been fully initiated into all that #AgencyLife has to offer.

Why Your Company Needs a Digital Analytics Framework

Regardless of how big or small your organization is, you’ve got data (sales, financial, customer, CRM, etc.), and you need a structure to inform how you collect or report on the data. This reason needs to be logical and ultimately impact your bottom line as well as multiple departments or individuals within a company. What

How to Fail at Video Marketing

So, You Want to Start Making Videos As a marketing medium, video is great. Really great. Think about it—in less than 90 seconds, it’s possible to captivate your audience, bring them to the brink of tears, or even turn them into your next customers. As a marketer, browsing your favorite brands on YouTube can quickly

Designing a Logo? Here Are 5 Basic Design Principles to Follow

Introduction When starting a business it is very important to establish some sort of identity or visual presence. This is normally accomplished by the development or creation of a logo to represent your business. Your logo should speak to your audience with little or no explanation needed to justify its meaning. With that being said,

Does Your Small Business Advertise with Some of the Greatest?

Advertising on SiriusXM If you are a small business owner and not advertising on SiriusXM, then you may be leaving money on the table. Just a few facts about SiriusXM, according to Abritron: it is the second largest subscription service with 25.8 million subscribers and over 51.6 million active listeners. SiriusXM also claims to have

The Heartbleed Vulnerability Aftermath

Recently, a huge security scare plagued the internet. This security vulnerability was coined The Heartbleed Bug, named for its relationship to the heartbeat on a server. The internet was in shock, emails were flying to reset passwords, and experts warned of an ominous outcome. But what happened? Before we can understand what exactly happened, we