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Logan Bucks — Inbound Marketing Manager

Inbound Marketing Manager in Reading, Pa - DaBrian Marketing
Logan is DaBrian’s multi-talented source of creativity, social engagement, and audience-contact. As the Inbound Marketing Manager, Lo’s job entails the management of all digital content, email marketing campaigns, as well as social media marketing for both our clients and ourselves.

She is a 2016 Kutztown University graduate with a dual-major in Marketing and Management as well as three minors in Communication Studies, Public Relations, and Digital Communication & New Media. On top of all of those accomplishments, Lo even has a certification in Advertising.

Maintaining regular posts for blogs, publishing press releases for newsworthy events, and creating interactive campaigns via social media are all duties that Lo handles on a daily basis. Outside of the office Lo’s favorite activity is hanging out with her best friend: her niece. Around here – when she is not speaking with clients or writing social media ads – Lo can be found giggling or cleaning up coffee that she has just spilled. If you want to make her day, just buy a can of Bush’s Baked Beans.

To learn more about Logan, hit her up via email!

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2017 Social Media Updates

In my younger years as a millennial, there seemed to always be a new social media platform. From Xanga, to Myspace, and then finally to Facebook, none of them seemed to stick around and keep our attention. However, Facebook started a new trend – consistent updates and new features. Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram also utilize

June 27, 2017 by Logan Bucks
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